Tomasi MicroCork is an all-purpose pickup head for flutes.

Its positive sound characteristics and the unlimited freedom of movement predispose Tomasi MicroCork for live performances of light and Modern music.

Tomasi MicroCork is easy to handle: mounting is simple, and the MicroCork can remain in the head joint when the flute is used without amplification. Its properties don‘t differ from traditional cork systems when playing acoustically.

Tomasi MicroCork is an all-purpose pickup head, particularly suitable for light music (e.g. rock, funk, jazz…) and electronic music.MicroCork

  • Allows freedom of movement on the stage.
  • Positive sound characteristics:
    • Sound is open and voluminous,
    • boosts the lower register,
    • is soft with good response in the higher range.
  • No modification necessary: it’s as qualified for acoustic playing as traditional cork systems.
  • Easy mounting
  • Suitable for all flutes and head joints because of it’s adjustable crown and thread system.
  • Customizable: Crown and cork plate are also available in silver or gold, matching the flute.
  • Minimal structure-borne sound transmission
  • High prevention of audio feedback
  • Completely moisture-resistant


Material (Crown and cork plate):

  • Brass, silverplated brass.
  • Gold-plated pickup-membrane.
  • High-quality gold-plated connector.
  • Completely moisture-resistant.

Technical specifications of pickup:

  • Mode of operation: Piezo Technology
  • Directional characteristic: Omni-directional
  • Frequency: 50 – 20.000 Hz
  • Connection with supplying-adaptor (48V-Phantom​- power, XLR)

RumbergerTomasi MicroCork is the result of a collaboration with Rumberger Soundproducts, who developed the built-in pick-up. The built-in pickup system uses the latest Rumberger membrane technology and is completely resistant to moisture.